I was sooooo bad today.  And I can’t even use the excuse “Oh, my bestie was in town!” because she ended up bailing on me to hang out with her FWB! Haha! We did eventually end up hanging out since she’s spending the night here, but yeah. Not till like 1:00 AM, so I can’t even attribute my bad eating to that. Heuh.

Brunch: bagel with cream cheese. Again. UGHHH I need to either make my breakfast the night before or get my ass out of bed earlier!

Dinner: Turkey breast sandwich on whole grain bread – turkey, garlic sprouts, a little cheese, tomato, lettuce, dill pickles, mayo, and a wee bit of mustard. 1/2 a cup of  cottage cheese on the side.

and then the going gets bad…

Dinner #2: (because it was too big to call it a snack, sobs) 비빔밥 [bibimbap] — or some bastardized version of it, anyway. White rice with bok choy, spinach, onion, garlic, corn, peas, kimchi, laver, topped with an egg and 고추장 (red pepper paste).

So Asian. And so delicious. Should not have skimped out on my first dinner, though D: But I thought I was hanging out and would likely be snacking later on appies or something, so… sigh.

Snacks: Nature Valley Oats & Honey granola bar, salt and pepper Kettle chips, $1 candy bag from 7/11 (I told myself nooooo, but it happened. Though at least is was only $1 candy bag…)

Drinks: a tall Starbucks caramel macchiato (Strike 2!), 2 glasses Diet Pepsi, water (close to a liter and a half~)

So, good things about today were that I got my veggies in thanks to my veggie-filled bibimbap. Bad thing is the amount of junk, especially since I used up my cheats this week! But, I must applaud myself for sticking to my “two tall Starbucks coffees a week” thing, as well as getting plenty of water. BUT STILL DJAKLEWJALKEWA.

Good news is that tomorrow, despite drinking, I hopefully will not be eating like crap. Or at least I plan not to. Sob. I am getting more hummus at the store tomorrow and hopefully getting the ingredients to bake these, which should hopefully satisfy my sweet cravings without being chock full of butter and shit.